Saturday, 13 April 2013

its a life

Its been a while since i have updated my blog, life is always busy when be a student, so busy with assignment to do.. study, gaming, eating, shopping, hanging out yeahhh thats my assignment that i'm talking about :D for your information my vouchers now left 50 ringgit, i had spent about 200 ringgit just for act book, my 200 ringgit just go like that only, what can i say.. this is very needed for law student and the book is so expensive T.T about my 50 ringgit i thought i want to buy anything book or stationery that i loike and i dont know what i want to buy (:


hainom OKje said...

Biasalah student life gitulah.... sabau yeh!

yeen miscelivious said...

heee ! tak sabo nak kawen (tetibe) :P

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ce komen ce komen cikittt :3

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